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Another year at the pond


Emily’s first fishing lesson


Waiting for the storm to pass by


Our van village by the pond


Peacefully enjoying the view


Water and sky

The Maldives, Barcelona and Bali… – all these destinations might be tempting but do not hold up to our yearly trip to – wait for it – the pond. The pond is, well, a pond, situated in a lovely part of France, the Alsace which is in front of our doorstop really. Our friends Tina and Steve have been organising this annual camping weekend for years. I simply can’t remember how often I have attended. There is the typical pond crowd, friends that come every year but there are always new faces, too. Gradually the place has been populated with kids who spend their time with swimming, boat-rowing, eating and playing. Well, actually adults do that, too. We were really excited to introduce Little Buddha to our most favourite holdiay spot. Turns out she already possesses proper camp spirit:-)

Also, this year we didn’t rock up with a tent, no, we were able to introduce Joker to the pond. A VW van has some advantages over a simple tent. First and foremost, I hate to admit it, I have a reached an age where a night on a hard tent floor stays with me, or rather my back and neck for the following months to come. Second, and I hate to admit this too, a van spares me from having to set up and strike a tent which has never been one of my strongest points. The last point I will mention here is that we just love hanging out in the van, and this includes Little Buddha, too.

My favourite time of day is early in the morning when the water of the pond is still very peaceful and most people are still asleep. It’s the best time for a swim really. Well, to be honest, not everyone swims in it. (I.e. Chris who doesn’t swim in a pond he fishes). For the fishermen amongst my readers, the fish in there are carp, but quite small ones, up to 15 pounds. (I double-checked with Chris;-)) Which brings me to the question that some of you might want to be answered: yes, Chris did catch a fish.

The highlights of this year were:

– a massive thunder storm on Sunday morning and a cosy cup of tea thereafter in our van
– a cosy evening with a romantcally lit pond thanks to Grisu:-)
A big thank you to Tina and Steve for this great weekend!
Do you have some favourite holiday spots, too? Please share!

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